When two lovers meet on the way back from Q center

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When first COVID-19 infected person in Myanmar, offices and markets are temporarily close and even Thingyan festival was cancelled. When people realize that it will be a long battle between human beings and infections, they start looking for new ways to operate business safely.

That is the start of today’s New Normal. As the name goes, people have to accept what they come across in this new style and be prepared for it. Thiloyarmay would like to make some suggestion so as to stop having misunderstanding between lovers. Your husband on business trip might not back home on time as usual and ladies should be aware of that. Hence, when he is back and has intimacy with you, make sure not to be rush.

As you two haven’t had intimacy for long and rush to have intimacy, there is danger of getting unwanted pregnancy. People who are using contraception also are possible to get pregnant when they rush to have intimacy. Couples who are getting back together after quarantine period should calculate the days your loved one would get back and then take contraceptive pills in advance to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The easiest way would be using secured and reliable condom like Mojo and Kiss condom and you could buy them from Online beforehand. In that way you could enjoy sexual intimacy without having to worry about getting infected with COVID-19 or getting unwanted pregnancy.

We would like to suggest ladies to follow above mentioned factors to have intimacy with their beloved one who is back from Q center and have a pleasant time together without any concern.

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