When kyaw kyaw know about ultra dotted

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Min Min gets bored of having to work from home, just eating and sleeping during Covid-19 period. He hasn’t seen his sweetheart for a long time and hasn’t hanged out with his friend too. So he checks who is Online and sees Kyaw Kyaw (who he has longed to talk to) and make a call to him.

Min Min- What have you been up to?

Kyaw Kyaw- Nothing special. Now I am watching movie.

Min Min- What a pleasant life!

Kyaw Kyaw- I’ve just finished a project. What’s up?

Min Min- Nothing. I’ve just finished chatting with Zin Zin and I have something on mind that I would like to ask you. So I check if you are Online, see you and calling you. You are a jack of all trades, right.

Kyaw Kyaw- Well! Tell me what kind of favor would you to like to ask from your Majesty, me!

Min Min- Hah I am already distressed because of Covid-19.  So just answer me in usual tone, man!

Kyaw Kyaw- I am just kidding. Now tell me!

Min Min- I want to bring out wild passion in my partner next time we go to hotel. It would also enhance my sexual performance and feel great to see her screaming and moaning during sex.

Kyaw Kyaw- I see. In that case, don’t just use ordinary condom.

Min Min- Are you going to tell me to use dotted condom? I have already tried that. Tell me something newer than that.

Kyaw Kyaw- Ahh, just let me finish first. What I am going to say is not an ordinary condom and I am going to tell you to use Mojo Ultra Dotted condom with twice bigger dots than dots of ordinary dotted condom.

Min Min – What! Condom with twice bigger dots than ordinary dotted condom! Interesting!

Kyaw Kyaw- Of course, you should be interested. Can you wonder how bigger dots of condom would bring out wild passion of your partner?

Min Min – Right. Mojo what?

Kyaw Kyaw-  Note down well. Mojo Ultra Dotted!

Min Min- Mojo Ultra Dotted, right! I will buy that Mojo Ultra Dotted next time I go to hotel with Zin Zin.

Kyaw Kyaw-  Do buy it, mate! You will see for yourself how your lady enjoys the sensation.

Min Min- Ok, buddy! Thank you so much.

Kyaw Kyaw- That’s fine, mate!

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