When is it safe to have sex after miscarriage

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Thiloyarmay has been asked by a man when it is safe to have sex following miscarriage. He said his wife had had miscarriage a month ago. Hence, this time Thilyarmay will talk about this subject as a kind of reproductive health related knowledge.

When women have had miscarriage, doctor tells patients to wait for a certain period before having sexual intercourse again. Generally physical strength of women is assumed to be back to normal when the bleeding stops. Normally, one can says it will be from 2 weeks to 1 month following miscarriage.

However, there is one more thing that concern women who have had miscarriage apart from her physical readiness. That is-

Emotional readiness

Yes. To be exact, in marriage having miscarriage means losing the child of two persons who love each other. Hence, it would be needless to say that both partners will be emotionally and physically devastated from their loss. However, when it comes to miscarriage, women are more vulnerable than men and they are physical and mentally more distressed than men.

Women might lose sexual desire and moody after having miscarriage. Hence, in that kind of circumstance men should be patient and supportive to their partners. Moreover, they should pay more attention to what she wants and take great care of her.

For women, they should be physically and mentally ready before they have sexual intercourse after having miscarriage. If you are not physically and mentally ready, then tell your partner about it thoroughly and discuss with him.

Is it dangerous to have sex soon after having miscarriage?

If you are thinking of having sex without waiting time, there will be dangerous more or less. It is because cervix opens with the birth of baby and at miscarriage. When the cervix is more open, the uterus is more prone to infection from anything that may penetrate or any other causes.

In fact, in that kind of circumstance women are recommended not even to use tampon and having sexual intimacy will be worse. Hence, doctor advises women who have given birth to wait at least 45 days before having intimacy again and for women who have had miscarriage to wait at least 2 weeks to 1 month.


If you experience physical pain even after a certain period following miscarriage or lose sexual desire or if you have pain during sex then go to see doctor at nearby hospitals and clinics.

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