What is Sex chair?

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When you think about it, you will see that it is very simple. Our body is not composed in straight structure and there are curves depending on gender type. You might already know that during intimacy one needs to use muscle depending on the sexual position. Sex chair is designed to aid sexual activity and that is why it is getting popular. Mostly hourly rated guest house, hotel and motel are adding sex chair as a facility and put it in advertising as attraction.

As human nature is inquisitive, it is not wrong if you want to give sex chair a try. However, while giving it a try, don’t forget to pay attention to following factors.

  • Is sex chair clean?

Even though there is a bed sheet on the bed, people don’t put sheet on sex chair. Hence, couple who wish to have intimacy on sex chair should pay attention to its cleanness.  Beware of infections through skin.

  • Is sex chair strong?

People who are going to use pumped sex chair should be cautious about this factor. You guys are not just going to sit on sex chair. If you cannot control your speed and fall down during intimacy, there might be bone fracture and other health problems.

  • Are you using sex chair properly?

What we mean is that, if having intimacy on sex chair does not go well, don’t try too hard. There is bed in the room. Choosing way that is comfortable for both of you will be a wise choice.

Hence, above mentioned factors would help curious couples to try sex chair in a proper way.

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