What is Andalan, the 3-month contraceptive injection?

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The Andalan 3-month contraceptive injection prevents pregnancy by not allowing ovulation. It also works by making the cervical mucus thicker. When the mucus in the cervix is thick, the sperm and the egg cannot get together and become fertile.

Who should use Andalan 3-month contraceptive injection?

  • Women who are not comfortable to take daily oral pills
  • Women who don’t wish to use a long-term contraceptive method

Women who shouldn’t use Andalan 3-month contraceptive injection?

  • Women with breast cancer
  • Women who wish to get a child right after they stop using a contraceptive method

The Effectiveness of Andalan 3-month contraceptive injection

Each Andalan 3-month contraceptive injection prevents pregnancy up to 97%. It means that this is very highly effective product.

When ladies get an injection exactly on time every 12 weeks, it can prevent pregnancy up to 99%.

Its effects on the menstrual cycle

Although the effects on the menstrual cycle vary from one woman to another, here are some points to take note that other women have shared after using Andalan 3-month contraceptive injection.

Some women might have irregular period, period going on a few more days than usual after getting Andalan 3-month contraceptive injection shot for the first time.

About 70% of the women who have got the shot for more than 4 times might experience that the period would stop coming. It is just because of the hormones in the injection and women should not be worried about this as when they stop taking Andalan 3-month contraceptive injection and the hormones in their body go back to the normal levels, the period will be back to what it was before taking Andalan.

How long do you have to wait to have a child after stopping the injection?

For fertility, women have to wait for a certain period. It means that women have to wait at least 6 months to 1 year to get pregnant after they stop getting injection. This heavily depends on a lot of factors such as the length of use of Andalan 3-month contraceptive injection.

Hence, women who have planned to have a child in the near future should use other types of contraceptive method. You can check out these methods through this link [INSERT LINK]


With the Andalan 3-month contraceptive injection shot, there will be no more trouble like having to take the pill regularly at the same time. It can prevent pregnancy effectively up to 99%. It can reduce period pain. Its affordable and cost effective. Its quick and easy — visit your local clinic, get a shot and your done in two minutes!


Speaking of disadvantages, you might experience occasional moodiness, headaches, and nausea.

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