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What birth control is the best choice if I don’t want to put hormones in my body?

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If you are worried about hormones, there are still options for you to have safe sex and prevent pregnancy! By far the most popular and accessible method is to use condoms (either male or female). However, if you are looking for a more long term solution, both copper IUDs or using the fertility awareness method are options as well. A copper IUD is a hormone-free device that offers between 5-10 years of protection. Once you have the IUD inserted by a doctor, that’s all you have to do until it’s time to get it replaced or you want to get pregnant and have it removed!

The fertility awareness method is a practice where a woman tracks her menstrual cycle, temperature, and vaginal discharge among other things to determine at what point of the month she is least likely to get pregnant. This method takes diligence, planning and a regular cycle. It is also not as reliable as other methods as the margin for error is high.

What are the most cost-effective types of birth control? “Most birth control methods is Myanmar are very affordable. You can find a range of condoms that cost anywhere between 100-3000ks for a pack. One packet of birth control pills can cost around 200-2000Ks depending on the brand and where you buy it. Both of these methods are widely available and can be bought at most drugstores.

However, IUDs are probably the most cost-effective form of family planning in Myanmar. Although the initial cost is around 10,000-30,000Ks, IUDs last for 5-10 years (depending on the type). That means if you have an IUD that lasts 5 years, you are spending a maximum 6,000ks on birth control per year or 500ks a month.

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