Virginity, A must for Happy Marriage?

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When it comes to virginity, the virginity of women is most spoken about than the virginity of men. These days it is not as bad as in early days but there still are people who judge the value of a girl based on loosing virginity or not. Here, we will talk about men who hold on such kind of belief.

It is true that keeping virginity till marriage is respectable and the feeling of a man who has a chance to possess that would be more than words. On the other hand, holding that belief and treating other women who have lost virginity as rubbish is injustice.

There can be many reasons behind loosing virginity like been in Living together with their loved one, has been sexually assaulted when young or being a divorcee etc. In reality, even a woman who has kept her virginity till her marriage would no longer be a virgin on the next day after her wedding night. No matter what, the existence of a woman in the world means much more than being a virgin or not.

For instance- let’s say there are two women and the first woman is not in charge of her life, cannot make money, not interested in education and only depend on her parents but still a virgin whereas the latter woman is independent in every ways but lost her virginity. In that case, in our opinion which woman is more valuable? In this case, when compare to the ability to lead one’s own life, virginity means nothing.

In conclusion, judging the value of women depending on the hymen is senseless and conservative. A value of the person should be judged on that person’s character, what he/she can contribute for the community and how much he/she is in control of her life. Hence, women also are human beings and whether they are virgin or not, they are equally deserve everything and they should be equally respected for all the good things they do.

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