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Today is Saturday, my off day and I want to eat out so I went to teashop to have breakfast. There I met with my friend Phyo Kyaw.

Me:   Hey Phyo Kyaw!

Phyo Kyaw:   Hey buddy, I haven’t met you for a long time. You look thinner. Are you still with the same company?

Me:  Yes, I am so stressed out at work lately and lost weight. Is everything okay with you? How about with your girlfriend? Hee, hee!

Phyo Kyaw:  As I am not an employee like you, I am not as much stressed as you. About        the relationship with my girlfriend, don’t you know from the look on my face? We are fine. It is you, Mr. FA who’ve got problem!

Me:    Hum! Don’t look down on me for being FA. As a person comes of age, I too have had sexual experience. It was just a bit awkward as it was my first sexual experience.

Phyo Kyaw:  Really! Now tell me what was awkward?

Me:   It is like this. I know it is important to use condom so as to be protected from sexually transmitted infections. Then I found that it isn’t convenient to buy condom outside as some stores are out of stock. Moreover, as it is my first time, I was embarrassed to buy. I put up with all those inconveniences and got condom at last. Then, I face with another problem. As you know well, I am inexperienced in this matter and having a fast ejaculation problem. It is ok for the first time but I will be in trouble if that happens again. As you are so knowledgeable on this matter, please give me some suggestions.

Phyo Kyaw:  As you have complimented me, I will tell you what to do. It is just a piece of cake. I too have experienced like that too. If you are inexperienced and want to hold longer, try MOJO Control condom. It contains benzocaine that can make your fun last longer. In my experience, I use MOJO Control condom and it works well. As it can make my fun last longer, I love it so much. Speaking of that if you cannot buy MOJO Control condom at stores, you can buy it online.

Me:  Really! Where can I buy that?

Phyo Kyaw: You can buy from and other online websites.

Me: Thank you very much for sharing information with me. I will order MOJO Control online right away.

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