Tips to get orgasm for women

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As having intimacy needs consent from both partners, it wouldn’t be fair if only one partner has sexual pleasure and while the other doesn’t.

When it comes to sexual satisfaction mostly men reach orgasm faster than women. However, in order to know what each other want and reach orgasm together, both partners need to try together. Therefore, Thiloyarmay would like to share few tips that would help women in reaching orgasm.

  • Forget about disturbances

In movies, you might have seen that there is phone rings or knock on the door when actors and actress are approaching climax. Disturbances like that are so powerful that they can even kill intense sexual desire. Hence, to stop disturbances from occurring during intimacy, ladies make sure to power off your phone, lock the door and switch off the light before you have intimacy with your loved one.

  • Tell him what you like

For a smooth and pleasant penetrative sex, foreplay is essential. Women should put aside their shyness for a while and tell your partner which body parts could stimulate your sexual desire and which parts needs to be caressed. Only then, your partners can do effective foreplay.

  • It is ok for you to make the first move

Ladies, wouldn’t it be boring to follow your man’s lead at every intimacy? It is said that women who are initiative in intimacy have 13% higher chance in reaching orgasm than ordinary women. Hence, wouldn’t it be nice for you to make the first move for once? When you decide to make first move, you can start with taking off his shirt, be on top of him and make movement.

  • Try out new positions

To get sexual satisfaction, women need to try out new positions instead of carrying on with ordinary positions. There are so many sexual positions but positions that would support women in reaching orgasm are- doggy positions (where woman is in bending position and man takes her from behind), Cowgirl position (woman on top of man), and missionary position (man in standing position and women’s leg up on the man’s shoulder ). We also suggest having intimacy in the bathroom.

  • Don’t Forget the Clit

Sometimes, most women don’t orgasm from penetration alone. Female orgasm is more about the clitoris, according to sex researchers. So, you can let your partner to stimulate your clit with some foreplay techniques. Or if you are having sex with condom frequently, tell your partner to try Mojo Ultra Dotted Condom which contains extra-large dots which can fulfill your wild passion to have orgasm.

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