4 sure Fire steps to get a girlfriend for FA Men

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However, the truth is that the number of people in relationship and married people is higher than the number of lonely FA. Hence, bros you will see that it isn’t a big deal to get a partner indeed.

It is of no use if you just blame yourself for not having a partner. Moreover, it will be a waste to spend your time envying and feeing sad. So this time Thiloyarmay will give our bros 4 sure Fire Steps to get a girlfriend unlike lame suggestions you normally get from other people.

  • Stop whining and make a move

In order to get someone to love and to be loved, it isn’t enough just crying out the word FA from your mouth and you need to make a practical move. Look if your crush is on line and if she is, then go and talk to her now. If you are not crushing on anyone yet, go out and meet with girls. Talk to them and introduce yourself. Make friends. Getting girlfriend or not is 100% depend on you.

  • Try to get to know about her

Let’s say now you find someone you crush, apart from making move like talking to her, try to learn her personality type, or does she like someone with humour sense or does she likes smart person etc. Try to learn about her but don’t make it too obvious. What we mean is that women look down on men who approach them shamelessly and without restraint.

  • Fulfill her wishes

You can fulfill her wishes even before you become her boyfriend. You can do small little things that she might need or do her favor by giving a hand when she asks for. As ladies are more interested in men who take care of them, this step is important to follow and only then your girlfriend will return your love.

  • Tell her you love her confidently

Some FA men can go through above mentioned 3 steps but they get cold feet on this step as they are afraid of being rejected. You cannot know if you will succeed or not until you give it a try. Hence, forget about negative thought for a while and give it a try first. Rejecting or not is her part to play but it is your duty to tell her about your love for her. Even if you are rejected, it would make you feel a lot better than doing nothing and being just a drama queen.

Now Thiloyarmay has told our FA men 4 sure Fire steps in getting girlfriend and you guys just need to apply it.

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