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When it comes to making love, men wish to be a great performer. That is why the sale of sildenafil for bigger, longer penis and longer duration are increasing as men try to improve their performance in a short cut way. But what they don’t is that the use of these kinds of drugs could damage the male sexual organ in one way or another. That is why your senior bro Dr. Deep from will share about the natural ways for sexual satisfaction.

, you need to have sexual desire first. To increase sexual desire, do exercise. Working out at the gym, playing football and running increases testosterone hormone level which is essential for men and their sexual desire. Your active mental strength increases testosterone hormone levels and hence it improves male power and sexual performance.

The method to have . Generally, men tend to do penetrations fast and continuously. However, that kind of activity results in fast orgasm and don’t result to complete satisfaction with his partner. So thrust slowly or make one thrust after another. Don’t forget to breathe. In this way, you will be able to hold ejaculation longer.

The method to is caressing while have sex. Men are in favor of the doggy position because that position allows them to hold and look at the buttocks of their partners and psychologically they are attracted to it. That is why doggy position becomes an amazing way to reaching orgasm.

Another way for sexual satisfaction is . But don’t think every penetration can give sexual satisfaction. Penetration method has its own set of rules and synchronizes movement and deep thrust only can make you in reaching orgasm. In other words, it means pulling out your penis to the opening of vagina (or if you’re doing anal, you know where that goes) and then thrust it again. You can apply this method for doggy position and can also use for vibrators.

Dr. Deep hopes his secret tips would satisfy all your cravings. Stay with Dr. Deep for more interesting articles. You are welcomed to ask anonymous questions about sexual related issues to Dr. Deep through website and Facebook messenger

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