Tips for Distance Relationship couples to conquer lock down together

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In Myanmar, there are curfew and lockdown of townships and streets so as to control the spread of infection. Due to this pandemic, our business will be in chaos and difficult living but there is one more challenge to face. That challenge will be for couples.

In the past two months, you might have had a date with your loved one, see the movie and had dinner but in this time of period, there will be no such think like that. Even when you do go out, you need to avoid crowds as much as possible. However, in internet age, there are many ways for couples to connect to each other and we will tell you 4 factors to stay heated even when you couldn’t meet each other physically.

  • Keep in touch

Before, you might have dated frequently but in stay home period, it isn’t possible to date and be romantic together. Even at stay home period, many people will be working from home or busy using internet or playing games. Hence, no matter who you are, try to spend some time with your loved one. When you two have a conversation, talk about things you haven’t talked before, your obstacles. It is good time to have a heart to heart talk and get suggestion from your loved one.

  • Meet online and spend time together

It means more than talking from messenger and having video chat. There are many things to do on internet and you can do it together with your loved one around the clock (24 hours).  Having a Netflix Party and watching series together with loved one is trendy right now. What’s more you can do cooking together or do exercise together with your loved one while doing Video Call rather than just sitting and speaking. For couples who like playing game, play online games and challenge each other.

  • Make small challenges to each other

This applies for doing something which both partners are interested in and which is not difficult to accomplish. For instance- challenge about numbers of books you two could finish reading in a week or learn about cooking recipes and try to beat each other on the number of curries (food) who could cook within a week.  The one who fails the challenge should send gifts via online delivery to the winner.

  • Remember it is only for temporary

This factor is the Motivation factor for distance relationship couples and it is important to keep it on mind. In this time of period, all people are threatened by pandemic and also facing with job insecurity and cost of living. What we mean is that no matter how hard it is for the time being, it too shall pass one day. Moreover, when you look at it from positive point of view, there are many benefits as you can spend more time with family, have a chance to do things that you don’t have a chance to do before, study subjects via online etc. Hence, Thiloyarmay would like to advice everyone including distance relationship couples not to think in a negative way and to take care of your health.

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