Tight or Loose? Is that a problem?

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Moreover, there is one popular myth concerning orgasm. It is said that reaching orgasm depends mainly on the tightness and looseness of the woman’s vagina. Is that factor completely true? Or is that just a myth? Thiloyarmay would like to discuss about this topic.

First, we would like to discuss about the fact that frequent love making makes women’s vagina get loosen over time. The vagina is comprised of thin elastic tissues that can contract and stretch. Different women have different body structures and so is their vagina. The size of vagina, its shape, colors, and tightness, looseness is different depending on the person.

Tissues that surround woman’s vagina are normally tight except during child delivery and when she is sexually aroused. When she is sexually aroused, the tissue get loosen and her vagina becomes moist naturally. That moistness supports intimacy to be a smooth one. After reaching orgasm, her vaginal is back to normal.

Moreover, when a woman is close to her period, estrogen level in her body get higher and it resulted in increasing lubrication. So vagina is more loosen in that situation when comparing with other times. As tightness and looseness of vaginal can vary depending on the situation, one cannot say for sure that frequent sex can make a woman’s vagina loosen over time.

Speaking of that, most married men think that the feeling is difference between having intimacy for the First time and after a certain period. However, the truth is that pleasurable intimacy has more do with the contraction and stretching power (strength) of the pelvic floor muscles that surround vagina and has nothing to do with the width (narrow or wide) of vagina.

Frankly speaking, it is not true that the width (narrow and wide) of vagina has an effect on men’s reaching orgasm.

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