Things to know before giving your virginity

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The closeness would fire up the feeling for intimacy and they would try to give it a go.

We get they want to try out new experience but still there are things like physical related issues and sexually transmitted infections they should know before having their first intimacy. They are-

  • Hymen, bleeding and virginity

Men who don’t know much about health related knowledge would judge the virginity of a woman depending on whether they have hymen or bleed at the first intimacy with them. Speaking of hymen, it can be torn or lost due to physical exercise in women’s early or accident and bleeding can be different depending on each person. Hence, men should know that hymen and bleeding don’t represent the virginity of women.

(2) Foreplay and lubricant

Whether they are just married couples or lovebirds trying to have intimacy for the first time, people get exercised at their first experience. They would make wrong move and it is natural to be so. To have an exciting moment at first intimacy, both partners need to be sexually stimulated. In this case, men needs to do foreplay so as to increase sexual desire of the women and women need to be not over excited or afraid about it as well. When both partners are sexually stimulated after foreplay and ready for intimacy, use water based Kiss Water Gel for smoother experience.

  • Don’t expect too much for sexual pleasure

Naturally, people want to be sexually satisfied at their time and only then they would feel worthwhile of losing their virginity. The truth is, like starting a new exercise, there will be awkwardness at the first experience like men having fast ejaculation and women feel uncomfortable from having intimacy. So it is important to know that you shouldn’t set your expectation too high when it comes to sexual pleasure.

  • Pregnancy and risk of STIs infections

There are risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy whether it is their first or last intimacy. In that case, condoms like Kiss and Mojo should be used for every intimacy to be protected from sexually transmitted infections and prevent unwanted pregnancy. When men don’t use condom, women need to take emergency contraceptive pill like Lydia 1Safe Pill within 72 hours after having intimacy in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

  • Losing virginity doesn’t mean you are worthless

This is for women. There are women out there who feel less than other women and feel depressed from having loss their virginity. In this case, if you are concerned about this matter, it is not to have intimacy from the start. As it is your life, you decision, no one can force you into doing it. If you have decided to have intimacy with your own decision, you shouldn’t give a thought about what other people think or say about you and just be yourself.

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