Things to know about Implant and IUD

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Some people use barrier like condom for every intimacy while others take daily oral pills or get 3 months injection. Those methods are known as short term contraceptive methods.

However, there are women out there who are so busy or who are not comfortable to use short term contraceptive methods and who want to prevent pregnancy for long term. We would introduce long term contraceptive methods like Implant and IUD (intrauterine device) to our readers.

  • Implant (Implant in the arm)

Lydia’ Implanex is a flexible plastic rod about the size of matchstick. Doctors will inject medicine to numb the skin and then implant Implanex under your skin. Implant works by releasing progestin hormone to stop ovaries from releasing eggs. It also makes mucus in your cervix thicker and stops sperm to get to any eggs that are released.

Duration and effectiveness

Each implantation of Lydia’s Implanex can prevent pregnancy up to 3 years. When it comes to effectiveness, if ladies get implantation on the first day of period, they can have intimacy right away. However, if they get implantation any convenient days in menstrual cycle, they should use condom at least for a week after getting implantation.

Side effects

The side effects of implant are lighter or no period. There might be symptoms like headaches, moodiness too.

Who shouldn’t use Implant

Women who have breast cancer, liver disease or liver tumors and unexplained vaginal bleeding shouldn’t use implant.

  • IUD (intrauterine device)

Lydia’s Copper Y, Copper Y and Sleek are made of copper and women can choose the type of IUD that suit best with them. Copper stops sperm getting into the uterus.

Duration and effectiveness

Depending on the type of IUD one chooses, it prevents pregnancy from 5 to 10 years. IUD starts working as soon as it is inserted.

Side effects

Women who have inserted IUD might have irregular period, spotting or bleeding between periods. Normally your cycle may return to normal within 3 or 6 months after you get an IUD.

Who shouldn’t use IUD

Women who have breast cancer and cervical cancer, women who are infected with AIDS shouldn’t use IUD.

IUD v Implanex

Lydia’s Implanex (implant in the arm) includes hormone whereas Lydia’s IUDs like Copper T, Copper Y and Sleek are non-hormonal contraceptive method. Women who like having monthly period should choose IUD contraceptive method.

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