Things need to know before using pulling out method

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Hence, this time Thiloyarmay will tell our bros things they need to know before using pull out method.

What is pulling out method?

It is simple. It is just that while having sex, the man pulling out his sexual organ before ejaculating (cum) so as to stop his sperm getting into vagina. The key reason of using this method is to prevent unwanted pregnancy naturally. However, one thing to keep on mind is that this method isn’t an effective contraceptive method and it put you at risk of getting pregnant.

In that case, there is another way to make it into effective method. It is to use pull out method along with additional contraceptive method. Experts advise people to use pull out method along with additional contraceptive methods. For instance- men should wear condom and ejaculate outside or women take daily oral pill. In that way, this method will be able to prevent pregnancy completely.

However, when you think about it closely, you can assume that since both partners are using additional contraceptive method, there is no need to apply pull out method at all.

Advantages of pull out method

  • When you use condom, you will have to spend money on buying them. Moreover, shops might out of stock. The advantage of this method is that it is free and it is always available.
  • Unlike other type of contraceptive method, this method is natural method and there isn’t any risk of allergy or side effects.
  • Using additional contraceptive like daily oral pills, injection and condom along with this method could increase its effectiveness in preventing pregnancy.

Disadvantages of pull out method


  • Brothers, who plan to use this method, need to pull out of vagina in time before ejaculate. The common mistake most people make is that having difficulty in predicting when ejaculation is going to happen. Hence, the first disadvantage of this method is that there is increasing chance of pregnancy for inexperienced people.
  • Even though this method wouldn’t make big damage to married couples who planned to have a child in time, it is unsuitable to use as a sole contraception method for couples who don’t wish to have a child. It is because in truth, this method is the most unreliable contraceptive method among all.
  • The last disadvantage of this method is that unlike condom, it doesn’t protect you against sexually transmitted infections.

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