Thet Htar Experience of Using Lydia Copper Y IUD

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My husband is an interior home decorator. I got married when I was 24 years of age and now we are married for 3 years. We decided to have a child right after our marriage so our son came into our life soon after our marriage.

I was 25 years old after giving birth to my son and in the meanwhile, was promoted as supervisor at work. I was busy with work and also had to take care of my son. Hence, I didn’t wish to have another child for a certain period and discussed about using long term contraceptive method with my husband. We want to prevent pregnancy for a long term but we also wish to have a child when we are ready. At that time, I was concerned about using long term hormonal contraceptive method and then having to wait a certain period to get pregnant again. I also heard that some contraceptive method could curb breast milk supply. Hence, I consult about it with doctor closely.

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After consulting with doctor, I started using long term contraceptive method- Lydia’s Copper Y which suits with me. Lydia’s Copper Y is copper bearing plastic rod which is inserted into uterus to prevent pregnancy. Lydia’s Copper Y IUD can be inserted into uterus which the help of experienced medical professional and it works right away. Hence, I don’t need to use any barrier when I have intimacy with my husband. Moreover, as it couldn’t curb milk supply, it is suitable for breastfeeding mother like us. It works up to 5 years. Your fertility comes back as soon as you take out the IUD whether it is because of its expiration or your decision to have a child.

Now I am 27 years old and my son is almost 2 years old now. As I am using Lydia’s Copper Y IUD, I no longer need to concern about forgetting to get injection or take oral pills and getting pregnant. All I have to do is, to feel for IUD strings after each monthly period. I am thinking of having another child in coming 2 years when I will be ready to have one.

If there is anyone out there who is using long term contraceptive method IUD like me, please don’t forget to share your experience with us!

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