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Outside my work, I am very well-known as well among the women community that I “deliver” exceptionally in bed. But I had a recent experience with one woman who changed how I think of myself. Last May 2019, I met a foreign woman named Tina, not her real name. She is from Europe and she was visiting Myanmar for the first time.

Taunggyi is near Nyaung Shwe so there are occasional tourists who would travel up to our city. One evening, I was with some friends who are also delivery men having some drinks at our usual local beer garden. Beside our table were two foreign women, one of them was a brunette and the other, a beautiful blonde woman with wavy hair. Her name was Tina.

My friends and I teased each other to try to talk to the foreign women beside our table. I ended up losing and approached their table. Tina’s smile and her beautiful face hit me so hard. What started off as an awkward conversation with my broken English and trying so hard to understand theirs with an accent not familiar to me ended up with me driving Tina to her hotel.

She invited me to her room and we had sex. That was, and still is, my first experience with a foreign woman. Sadly, it might be the last…

Knowing what fancies women who I had sex before, I did the same things to Tina. But she was more experienced. She knew what she wanted and the positions she did with me were all new! It was also the first time for me to experience having a woman sit in front me, her breasts swaying with every thrust.

It ended so quickly. I left the room and that was the last time I saw Tina as she left for Mandalay the next day and out of Myanmar the day after that.

I thought I knew everything but Tina proved me wrong. My friends asked about what happened and I have to lie to them.

Through Facebook, I saw a post shared by one of my friends who lives in Yangon. The post is about sexual positions done during the Konbaung Dynasty. If only I read how they did it before in Myanmar, I would have performed better with Tina, giving her a taste of “royal” experience.

Hi Sai,

I think you did well for Tina.

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