Swe Swe suggestion to use kiss coffee

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Moreover, she is concerned about her boyfriend not happy with her and seeking pleasure elsewhere. Then she sees her friend Swe Swe is active online and says hi to her.

Khet-  Hi! Swe Swe! What have you been up to?

Swe- Hay Mi Khet! How are you? We have lost touch for a long time.

Khet- Of course. It is because the school is close. I missed the fun time we had at our university canteen, drinking coffee and talking about this and that.

Swe- Oh, you only miss about coffee. What about your boyfriend?

Khet- Of course, I miss him too but we are still meeting. Even though I am scared of Covid-19, I couldn’t help meeting with him once a month as I love him so much. The last time we meet, he asked me to give heads to him. I refused and he was disappointed.

Swe-Those things are common to happen when two lovers have a date at hotel, Khet.

Khet- I know. He showed me video and tell me things we could do together. He said at least I should give him my head with his condom on.

Swe- That should be fine!

Khet- I am not comfortable to give head without condom and I couldn’t stand the smell of condom too.

Swe- Is that so? In that case, let me tell you the method that would work with you. What about with the coffee taste, you love so much.

Khet- Coffee taste. What do you mean by that?

Swe- Condom with coffee taste! Ask your boyfriend to wear that.

Khet- Is that so?

Swe- Yes. I have tried it out with my boyfriend. It tastes just like Hot Coffee. It feels great while giving heads also during intimacy.

Khet- Right! I think it would work with me too.

Swe- It will be for sure.

Khet- Tell me the exact name!

Swe- It is called Kiss Hot Coffee Premium. It has the smell of coffee providing pleasant sensation for both partners. Give it a try.

Khet- I will ask him to buy Kiss Hot Coffee Premium for our next date. Thanks Swe Swe.

Swe- It is ok. I am glad that your problem is solved now.

Khet- Yes, it is. I will treat you snacks when we meet.

Swe- Ok, fine. Bye for now.

Khet- Bye, girl!

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