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Little sister now you’ve been to Yangon for 2 years. Time flies so fast. It was still like yesterday that I have taken you to Yangon University myself. Now schools and universities are not opened yet so I am writing to ask how you are doing and there are also things I want to tell you as a big brother.

Right now schools are closed so you can use it effectively to learn language or to learn about business that you are interested in. Attending school regularly and obtaining a degree is still important but you won’t be an educated person by just getting a degree. Hence sister, find out what your hobby is? What is your strength? Only then it will support you in building your future when Covid-19 is over and everything is back to normal.

Another thing is that even though you are over 18 and turning 19, you still are a teenager. It is normal to have a desire to have fun with friends but it is also important to know that too much happiness can make you unhappy. Also it is important not to put other people into trouble because of you. Have fun to a certain extend but be cautious at the same time. In this world, there are so many women just leading an ordinary life. And I want you not to be such kind of woman.

Another thing is that I don’t oppose you of having boyfriend as it is natural for people of your age. However, I want you to know that love isn’t life and people who are crazy about love don’t have a smooth life path. Also there are many guys out there who take advantage of sensitive nature of girls and I want you to be cautious when dealing with guys. Moreover, keep on mind that gentlemen don’t ask ladies to prove their love with having intimacy.

Now I have covered many areas, I guess. At first, both of our parents and I am worried about you as you cannot come back to us because of Covid-19. But now we heard that everyone is getting used to this new situation and knowing that Aunty Wai is with you calm our worries. However, make sure to wear mask, wash hands and avoid crowds so as to prevent coronavirus disease infection.

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