Sperm that play an important role in conceiving

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When it comes to pregnancy, the most important factor is sperm. Sperm is male reproductive cell and it can be seen under microscope only. The first person who observed sperm was Leeuwenhoek (1632- 1723) from Netherland. If one asks can a woman get pregnant from every unprotected intimacy, the answer is no. It is because no every sperm is healthy and good at movement.

In order to conceive, man’s semen should be filled with healthy sperms. You produce sperm every day but a few sperm regeneration cycle (spermatogenesis) takes 64 days. When sperms are healthy, they could move into woman’s ovaries quickly and which provides higher chance for conceiving. Testicles of healthy man produce millions of sperms per day. At the end of regeneration cycle (64 days), there are about 8 billion sperm in testicles. During intimacy or masturbation about 20 to 300 million of sperm are released. The healthier the sperm in the semen is the higher chance for conceiving. In other words, waiting a few days between ejaculations can increase your chances of conception. Hence, you can further increase your chance of conception by abstaining from ejaculation for a certain period. As smoking and drinking can affect your chances of conception, you should stop them too.

Conception takes healthy sperm of male getting into a woman’s ovaries through vagina and there are certain requirements on woman side too. For example- if the woman isn’t ready for conception no matter how much healthy sperm get into her, there won’t be much chance for conception. Hence, one should have knowledge about not only sperm’s health also about other factors. If needed, have a discussion with doctor to find out solution.

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