Social Distancing & Having Sex during social distancing

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Hence, it is important to try as much as possible to slow the spread of virus infection. In order to do so, it is important that everyone practice Social Distancing.

Then what is Social Distancing?

Social Distancing means officials or medical experts asking people to stay at home and avoid crowds in order to stop or slow down the spread of virus infection from one region to another or from one people or another.

How to do Social Distancing?

It is easy. In this part, everyone stays at home except those who are absolutely necessary to be at work place. As there is the risk of Covid-19 infection, people should avoid travelling, hanging out with friends at teashop, doing unnecessary shopping at Supermarket and in contact with many people. Hence, avoid public gatherings and at risk groups.

Moreover, people who have come back from abroad should keep 3 feet away from their families at all times and keep distance from family members at least 14 days. Those factors implies in Social Distancing.

Let’s say everyone practices Social Distancing. There are benefits from doing Quarantine (staying at home). When everyone stops going out and stays at home, they will have time for their families and can take a rest too. In this time of circumstance, people in living together relationship and married couples can spend more times with their partners and pass the times together.

For couples who decide to best use of Social Distancing by having intimate moments, it is important for them not to get unwanted pregnancy. Hence, Thiloyarmay would like to tell ladies to take contraceptives like Lydia’s Rosa, Clair, Lacta (for breastfeeding mothers) and Fine. We also would like to recommend males to use barrier like Kiss Condom for intimacy when women are not comfortable to take contraceptive pills.

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