Sexual Assault

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It is said that women age between 18 years to 34 years are more sexually assaulted. Speaking of sexual assault, generally women are victim of sexually assaults but lately children and teenage boys are also targeted by sexual predators.

Then what is sexual assault?

Sexual assault includes any unwelcome sexual advances by words, gestures and physical contacts without consent from the other.

Dirty talk, showing private parts and touching other person sexual organs include in sexual assaults.

Sexual harassment is worse than sexual assaults and it includes-

  • Sexual contact without consent from the other (eg-rape case and gang rape)
  • Inserting a thing inside woman’s sexual organ intentionally without her approval
  • A person commit sexual assault so many times to a certain period
  • Sexual assault committed by relatives and family members


What you should do when you are sexually assaulted?

Ask help from nearby when there are sexual advances by words, gestures or physically by other people whether you are female or male. Fight back as much as you can then go to a safe place and report to nearby police stations.

If you are sexually harassed like in rape case

  • Call police from a safe place
  • Don’t clean the body or change clothes

It is because by cleaning your body, traces and important evident left by the attacker on you will be lost.

  • Go to nearby hospital/clinic as soon as possible. Only then doctor can treat your injuries.

The last thing we want everyone who is sexually assaulted to know is that don’t try to keep it secret as it isn’t your fault. Tell your family and authorized people. Only then, sexual predators will get punishment they deserve.

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