Phyu Thet shares her experience of using ECP.

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He and I became partners because of my friend’s matchmaking. Now we’ve been in relationship over 2 years and we agree to have intimate relationship. Now what I want to share with you is about the memorable thing we have had during our intimate relationship. We have planned to get married in coming 3 years when we are financially strong.

He comes to Yangon at weekends to buy commodities so I have intimacy with him at least 3 times per month. He uses condom for every intimacy. Then at one weekend, he came to Yangon and we had sexual intercourse as usual. At first, it was fine but I felt uneasy after having intimacy. So I told him about my uneasiness and he found out that there was condom breakage. We didn’t know whether the condom was torn during intimacy or it was already broke when he wore it.

At that time both of us were really afraid of getting unwanted pregnancy. Then, I remember emergency contraceptive pill which I’ve heard before. So I rushed to pharmacy store and asked the pharmacist. She recommended Lydia 1Safe Pill to me. Lydia 1 Safe Pill is an emergency contraceptive pill which is suitable for ladies who have had accidental condom breakage like me, women who have had unprotected sex and also for married ladies who have forgotten to take daily oral pills and at risk of getting unwanted pregnancy.

The pharmacist told me that when it is taken within 72 hours after having unprotected sex, it can prevent pregnancy up to 89%. However, as it is an emergency contraceptive pill, it should be taken only at emergency situations where ladies are at risk of getting unwanted pregnancy. Keep on mind that it isn’t suitable to use as regular contraceptive pill.

Now we are engaged and we will get married in coming month. I have shared my surreal experience for the sake of ladies who are having an intimate relationship like me. Hence, if Lydia ladies have experienced anything, please do share with me too!

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