Physical Contact like Kiss, Cuddle & Date during social distancing

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The best way to avoid infection 100% completely is avoiding crowds and staying at home. When it comes to stay at home, there might be people who stay at home with their families and who stay at home alone. On the other hand, there might be who stay at home their loved one. Married couples and people in living together relationship include in this category.

When newlywed couples and love birds in living together relationship stay at home, they might do romantic gestures like kissing and holdings each other. In doing so, Thiloyarmay would like to tell our readers two important factors you should know.

First, we would explain about physical contact which includes from living and eating together to hugging and kissing each other. In reality, physical contact is not a problem. The person you are going to make physical contact is the main thing to concern. It means it would be fine as long as the person that you are going to make physical contact is not infected. If he/she is not infected, there isn’t any problem to kiss or hug as much as you want but if he/she has fever, you should stay 3 feet away from each other.

Second of all, you might know that countries like Spain and Italy have declared Lockdown to prevent the spread of virus. Although people are asked to stay at home now, one person from each household can go out and do shopping. However, there are people, who think Myanmar is in far better situation when compare to other countries and don’t follow the instructions.

Recently, we have seen 2 or 3 couples on road and we would like to talk about things concerning dating. As we have mentioned above, the most reliable way to avoid infection is staying at home but if you decide to do dating outside, first make sure both of you wear masks and wear clothes that cover your whole body and second keep handy of hand gel. Third, in this time of circumstance, it is best to reduce contact as much as possible and we would like to advice to avoid crowd places. Moreover, when you get back home, clean yourself up before touching anything. Don’t make your family catch virus because of you.

Love birds who intend to be romantic while being threatened by Covid-19, should pay attention to above mentioned 2 factors. However, Thiloyarmay would like to request our readers to stay at home and help stop the spread of virus.

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