Period Products Knowledge for women

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Likewise, now menstruation is taken just as regualar activity of ladies. Hence, Thiloyarmay would like to share about knowledge related to period products which has developed gradually in accordance with time.

Ladies’ period products can be bought in 2 types- Disposable and Reusable. Sanitary Napkin/Pad, Tampon and Pantry Liner are disposable items. Among disposable items, Pad is the most popular product. The word Tampon is descended from French word, Tampion. It means a thing that block the opening. Tampon is a dry cotton plug. Ladies mostly use Pad for period but they should use Tampon for swimming and to do sports. Panty Liner is a Daily Pad. It isn’t thick like monthly Pad, light and comfortable. Women have white discharge (more or less) in daily life when they are tired. In that circumstance, use Panty liner to save your panty from having stained and to have confidence.

Reusable products include Menstrual Cup, Cloth Menstrual Pad, Period Panties and Sponges. Among them, Menstrual Cup is getting popular among modernized ladies and it is made of Rubber (or) Silicon. It is designed to be inserted into vagina like Tampon. Period blood would be collected in Menstrual Cup. As it is a Cup, it can collect period fluid more than Tampon and Pad. Menstruation cup can be worn for 12 hours. As it can be cleaned and reused, it is an environmental friendly product.

By now, you have enough knowledge about period related products.

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