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My name is Nyo Nyo and I am 27 years of age. I am having an intimate relationship with my boyfriend recently. He uses condom for every intimacy. At first, there was no problem in our intimate relationship and we had a smooth time but there came some small problem after a while. That was feeling pain after sex.

I have heard that cause behind pain after sex is due to not having enough lubricant. As we all know, we women have many things to worry and to stress about and I thought that was the reason behind it. However, I found that I had that problem frequently and almost at every intimacy. Hence, I was reluctant to have intimacy and my boyfriend felt bad about me having pain after sex.

We didn’t know what to do and then I remembered my friend Min Paing. Me, Min Paing and my boyfriend were close friends at University and he too is having an intimate relationship with his partner. Unlike us, he is having a relationship with the partner of same sex and I discuss about my problem with him. As we three always have heart to heart chat, we don’t need to constraint anything from each other. He said as he is having intimacy with his male partner, he too faced with that problem too. He said problem like this could be solved with lube.

He said when lubricant was used for intimacy whether it was for couples of same sex or couples of opposite sex, it would lead to a more pleasurable and smoother experience. Even though we have been having intimacy for months, we have never used lubricants and decided to give it a try. Moreover, Min Paing also recommended the product he used. That was Kiss Duet Condom.

When I search for more information about this condom, I find that unlike other type of condoms, this Kiss Duet condom comes together with lubricant and it can be said as duet condom. Its lubricant is water based and it doesn’t have many side effects like Oil based condom. Hence, couples who use condom like us don’t have to buy lubricant in addition and it is very convenient.

We women are likely to have pain after sex problem anytime whether we are married or having an intimate relationship and by using lubricant; it can solve pain after sex problem and enhance pleasure as well. So one can say Kiss Duet Condom supports couples to have pleasant sexual like in some way. Hence, I have shared my experience with you all so as to help both genders to have pleasant sexual life.

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