5 Sex Mistakes that Men Make

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However, in order to be an artistic intimacy, it is important that both partners don’t make any mistakes while creating so. Hence, this time Thiloyarmay will tell our brothers 5 common mistakes you make in bed.

  • Assuming intimacy has to be done in bed only

In truth, most of the men intend to have intimacy only in bed. Still it is best to start the day with kissing and hugging each other, caressing each other. By doing so, you will gain trust from your partner and when having intimacy, both of you will feel relaxed and comfortable. It will also help you two in reaching orgasm.

  • No intention to do foreplay

If you think it isn’t necessary to do foreplay for each and every intimacy then you are making a mistake. If you guys don’t do foreplay and rush to have intimacy, ladies won’t feel comfortable and it won’t turn out to be a smooth intimacy. Hence, it is best to start with saying romantic words to reach other, caressing each other and exchanging kisses.

  • Thinking performance is the key

Most of the men assume that the sexual relation between them and their partner would be strengthened only when they last longer in bed. However, if you have fast ejaculation problem, concentrating on the ability you lack wouldn’t be a good idea. Hence, before having intimacy with your loved one, forget about that matter for a while and better focus on your loved one or have oral sex instead.

  • Think penetrative sex is a must for orgasm

Men can reach orgasm by having penetrative sex but for women, it is a different matter. Women sexual desire and arousal isn’t up and down instantly due to their body composition and having penetrative sex only isn’t enough for them to reaching orgasm. So guys could give head or finger sex as foreplay to increase her sexual arousal.

  • Using the same condom twice

When bros have two intimacies for one night, they use the same for each intimacy and it is wrong. As a disposable condom, each condom is designed to use for one time. Hence, bros has to throw away condom after each use and use the new one for next intimacy.

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