Men’s G -Spot

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I think all of you know that sexual organ helps female in reaching orgasm and also enhance sexual pleasure. Now let Thiloyarmay tell you that men also have G- Spot like women and where that spot is. If you are interested then continue reading bros!


G- Spot of male is located inside the rectum. To be exact, it is known as Prostate Gland. The main function Prostate Gland is that making sure ejection and peeing don’t happen at the same time. Another function is producing seminal fluid before ejaculation. Only male has prostate gland and women don’t have it. Yes, we have only told you that prostate gland is inside rectum. It is located 3 inches inside the rectum.


You might wonder why prostate gland is defined as Male G- Spot but those who have had Man to Man sexual habitat know about it. It is said hitting that spot through anal is pleasurable. Homosexual people would know the taste of it. Couples in intimate relationship and married men also try it with open discussion with their partner and move in fantasy. However, if you don’t like the idea of anal sex, there is other way to find out. It is to press gently on the spot between your scrotum and anus. That feeling is close to the touching of G-spot. It said pressing on that spot could enhance your sexual pleasure both in masturbation and in intimacy with female partner. One thing to keep on mind is that before penetrating your anus with finger or an object, you need to clean it thoroughly. If you are doing with partner, that person needs to cut the finger nails. When you first start trying, you must use gel/lube. Penetrate slowly and then gently press on prostate and move in and out gently. The last thing we want to tell you is that everyone has their own boundary and they are entitled to decide what they want. Thiloyarmay has shared this subject with you guys as sexual related education. If you are not in the mood to try it yourself, pass the information to people who are doing that. And those who want to try new things have a good time too!

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