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. At Singapore 12 pm, Mee Mee sent message to Kyi Pyar saying she had something to discuss to Kyi Pyar. Since in Yangon, Kyi Pyar has always been kind to Mee Mee and Mee Mee like discussing with here every things and she continues doing so even when Kyi Pyar has moved to Singapore. Before they just talk about this and that but this time Mee Mee has unusual thing to talk about. She and her boyfriend have been in love quite a long time and they are having love and intimate relationship. Some of their friends know about it too.

Now the thing is that Mee Mee’s boyfriend wants to have Oral Sex and he wants her to giver her head. As for Mee Mee, she has allowed him to deflower her out of love and she also wants to do Oral Sex for him to make him happy. She tries but it doesn’t work. Following is how she talks about that matter to me.

Mee Mee- Sis, I am really disappointed. I love you as a sister and that is why I am talking about this to you. Will you be able to help me?

Kyi Pyar- What’s the matter?

Mee Mee- He wants me to give head to him. I want to do everything for him as I love him and have chosen him for marriage.

Kyi Pyar-  Ah he wants Blowjob. Why are you disappointed about that?

Mee Mee-  Hee sis, I don’t know what has become of me even though he said he has washed it thoroughly with water, I get a smell when it gets near to my face and I couldn’t do it. He was unhappy about that. When he is unhappy, I feel unhappy too.

Kyi Pyar- I see. That is typical of you. If there is a problem, there is a solution. Do you like bubble gum? Do you like the smell of it?

Mee Mee- Of course, I like bubble gum. There isn’t anyone who doesn’t like the smell and flavor of bubble gum.

Kyi Pyar- Ok.  Then buy and take Kiss bubble gum condom next time you two go to hotel.

Mee Mee- Kiss bubble gum condom?

Kyi Pyar- Yes, Kiss Bubble gum condom is different from other type of condoms. Its bubble gum smell is so cool. The taste is completely new and bubble gum lover like you would totally fall for it. Put Kiss bubble gum on your boyfriend’s genital and work on it assuming it is a bubble gum. It will work out fine.

Mee Mee- Wow! Is there is a comdon with Bubble gum flavor?

Kyi Pyar- Of course. The name is Kiss Bubble gum. Give it a try. It will work out fine.

Mee Mee- Yes, I will. Thanks ama.


A week after that, Kyi Pyar got a message from Mee Mee with only two sentence. “The matter of blowjob is fine with the help of Kiss Bubble. Now he is happy, thanks sis.”

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