Malar’s experience of Lacta OCP

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My father is a public school teacher and my mother is a housewife. Even though our household had moderate income, we could go to school and took tuition because of our parents’ effort. I passed matriculation exam with distinction marks in mathematic.

After passing matriculation exam, my parents encouraged me to attend (day) university but I decided to attend University of Distance Education as I knew financial situation of my family and I myself didn’t feel like going to university which situated outside the city. While I was attending University of Distance Education, I worked as a study guide for high school students. I attended basic computer classes and English speaking classes with the money I had saved and pocket money given by my father. After obtaining degree from University, I worked as a freelance study guide for 2 years then I decided to work as a company staff for a change.

As I had got a degree majoring in Mathematic, I decided to go to Finance sector and I attended classes which might require for the job. While I was still attending classes, I started working as a junior accountant for the company. After working there for 3 years, I had got quite enough experience and joined Distribution Company as senior accountant. There I met my sweetheart. He is elder brother of my colleague Ma Khin Thet. Khin Thet and I always went back home together and his brother always came and picked her up. That’s how we met each other.

He is five years older than me and he is managing small business. After dating for one and half year, he proposed to me. However, we got married only when both of us were ready which was 1 year after his propose. After getting married, since both of us are not young and financially secured, we decided to have a child right away. When I was with a child, I took great care of everything including the food I consumed. I also decided to breast feed him up to 6 months after delivery.

However, 2 months after giving birth to my son, I found that it was difficult to find suitable contraceptive method for me. As I have decided to breast feed my child up to 6 month, I am afraid of using popular contraceptive method in the market without thinking and then resulted in curbing breast milk supply. Moreover, I don’t feel like using 3 months injections and other types of contraceptive methods for the time being.

So I asked OG obstetrician who took care of throughout my pregnancy and she recommended Lydia’s Lacta. As Lydia’s Lacta is produced especially for lactating mothers, it won’t curb breast milk supply from taking it. With Lydia Lacta, I don’t need to be afraid of pain and the price is more affordable than other type of contraceptive methods in the market. Best of all, lactation mothers can continue taking it ever after they stop breastfeeding if it is fine with them. For me, I have continued taking Lydia’s Lacta regularly at the same time after I stop breastfeeding my son when he is of 6 moths old.

Hence, I am sharing my life experience with Lydia ladies and if there is any breastfeeding mothers who have a hard time in choosing suitable contraceptive method, I recommend you to choose Lacta which is the easiest contraceptive method for breastfeeding mothers like us.

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