Long term contraceptive for women who are allergic to hormone

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Hence, I would like to share with our ladies how I have chosen the most suitable contraceptive method for me at this Stay at home period during Covid-19. We have been married almost a year and as I am allergic to hormones, I cannot use common contraceptive pills and injections. So my husband used condom for intimacy till 3 months after we got married.

As the times went on, my husband said it wouldn’t be fine for him to use condom for a long time. So I had to think of alternative way to prevent pregnancy. Hence, I asked my cousin who is a nurse at the hospital about that matter and she told me to come and consulted with a doctor at Oncology and gynecology department. So I consulted with doctor there.

We have planned to prevent pregnancy more than 3 years and as I am allergic to hormones, lady doctor recommended me to use Lydia IUD (intrauterine device). At first, I was afraid to use it as it needed to be inserted into uterus. However, doctor explained me that among different types of IUD, Sleek IUD is designed for ladies like me who have never delivered baby and slim. It is small Copper bearing plastic rod and it is very comfortable. Moreover, with Sleek IUD, there is no danger of IUD coming out problem even if I have intensive exercises.

What I like most about like Sleek IUD is that it doesn’t include any hormone and I can get pregnant instantly as soon as it is taken out of uterus. Its life span is 5 years and we can have it removed before 5 years to have a child. So it is very convenient.

That is how I have chosen my contraceptive method. What about you! Please share with us what types of contraceptive methods you all are using in this Covid-19 period.

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