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Thingyan pandals and no chance to get splashed. Frankly speaking, it is going to be a boring and depressing time for people who are used to have a good time with friends in New Year as they cannot hang out with their friends in this year.

However, don’t be too down about it as there will be many more Thingyans in the future to enjoy and for the time being, just understand you are staying at home for the sake of you and your family’s health. You have to Stay-At-Home for no matter what then what would you do to make the best use of it? Popular ways to spend Quarantine are watching movie together with family, reading books and learning subjects via online.

For people who would like to acquire knowledge via online, let us introduce to you about Thiloyarmay and what can you learn from Thiloyarmay. Thiloyarmay is an educational website which talks about sexual related subjects, Relationship Advices, Reproductive health and reliable contraceptive methods.

To be specify, from Thiloyarmay one can learn about topics which are taken as inappropriate subjects to talk between parents and children, among siblings in Myanmar. At Thiloyarmay, readers can learn about sexual related subjects and wrong myths related to sex, also about reproductive health and sexually transmitted infection for women and men. Moreover, for married people and love birds with active sexual life read on Thiloyarmay to help you in choosing contraceptive method for you.

If you have questions concerning reproductive health and sex, you can ask via Thiloyarmay’s Facebook Page, Dr Deep’s Chatbox and at Thiloyarmay’s Viber Community. You can join Dr. Deep’s Viber Community by clicking on following link (https://bit.ly/2U03FiT). Here, your questions concerning reproductive health will be timely answered by Thiloyarmay members.

Now you know about Thiloyarmay. Hence, let’s read on Thiloyarmay website and Thilpyarmay Facebook page if you have any questions concerning sexual related subjects and problems and have no one to turn to and to learn more about reproductive health and contraceptive methods which should be learnt by both genders.

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