Ladies, 4 signs that show you are bad in bed!

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Among many discussions, the most common thing they talk about is “Even though we try our best to satisfy sexual desire of our partner, their reaction is bad and hence it doesn’t go well. So this time we will talk about 4 sings that show ladies they are bad in bed. Read those signs and try to correct if you have any signs of those. Then your love life will be more fun and pleasant for sure.

Don’t be too quiet (don’t keep your mouth shut)

This is the most important factor. Ladies you shouldn’t keep your mouth shut out of shyness. Every one who has come of age knows what would happen when couple get into bed. However, your partner asks your consent to have intimacy, ladies are obliged to answer how they feel about it meaning you want it or you just don’t. Then you would tell your partner how you want and start having. So don’t just keep your mouth shut, Ladies!


  1. Don’t act like a doll (don’t be passive)

It is said that sexual intercourse would be most pleasant when you are in sync with your partner. If you are too shy and show no reaction, it will bore your partner. So starting from foreplay to have intimacy in different sexual potions and reaching orgasm, think of the whole thing as building a happy world together and move in harmony. If he likes horniness and one shows him twice as much.


  1. Don’t forget to show him that he gives you a good time

Guys think themselves that they are capable of everything. It goes to same to the performance on bed. They like to think that ladies go crazy with their performance or addicted to them. Hence, ladies need to say things like “Oh, you did great”, “The way you give your head to me blow my mind”. Also during intimacy if he wants to hear your moaning, don’t forget to moan or cry out. Then he will be over the moon.

  1. Don’t forget to ask his preference

When it comes to intimacy, there are things our ladies like and guys also have their own like and preference. No couple has 100% identical like and preference. Hence, you guys need to speak out about your own like and preferences and if needed have a look into Adult Website to learn more about foreplay and methods.

Follow above mentioned factors in intimacy and it will become more fun, exciting and addictive moment between partners. Moreover, you will become ladies who are good in bed for your partner in no time.

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