Kyaw Zwa’s problem solved with Mojo High Motion

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The problem is that when he wears condom, it is stuck to the tip of penis and he feels squeezed. He feels uncomfortable. However, his girlfriend doesn’t let him to have intimacy without condom as she is afraid of getting unwanted pregnancy. Kyaw Zwa understands her concern but he feels uncomfortable from wearing condom which is too tight on the tip. He feels like asking suggestion from someone but don’t know who to ask or how to ask about it and feel distressed.

One day his cousin Kyaw Zwa came to his home with some errand. There isn’t anyone at home at that time and after a while…

Soe Moe-  Ko Kyaw Zwa, can I borrow your shirt  I will give you back next time I come to visit you. The shirt I am wearing now is too tight and I feel uncomfortable.

Kyaw Zwa- Really! Ok bro! As you feel uncomfortable from wearing tight shirt, I also have a problem with tightness issue.

Soe Moe-  Tell me plainly. What is tight and what’s difficulty?

Kyaw Zwa- It is like that. When I have a date at hotel with my love, I feel uncomfortable wearing condom. How can I say it? It is tight when I put it on and stuck to the tip of my penis. So I feel so uncomfortable wearing it. My girlfriend doesn’t know anything about it. It is me who is losing desire. Also when I reach orgasm, I cannot enjoy it fully as condom is too tight.

Soe Moe-  Araa bro, that isn’t a problem. Use Mojo High Motion. The tip of it has a larger space. It is designed especially for those who like moving around for better sensation during intimacy.

Kyaw Zwa-  Wow cool!

Soe Moe- It is Mojo! Of course, it is cool.

Kyaw Zwa- Yes, right! I will give it a try. Is Mojo High Motion right?

Soe Moe- As the name High Motion goes, you (Ko Kyaw Zaw) will feel high during intimacy.

Kyaw Zwa- Great!

Soe Moe- If you like it, buy that next that you have a date with your girlfriend.

Kyaw Zwa- I will definitely buy it. I will give freedom to my penis with Mojo High Motion and have a high time.

Soe Moe- Right! Now give me a shirt to wear. The one I am wearing is too tight.

Kyaw Zaw- Of course I will give you. I will make sure to remember it- Mojo High Motion..Mojo High Motion! Yay, I am going to be free!

Soe Moe- Of course! Liberate yours with Mojo High Motion.

Kyaw Zwa- This time I will be “High” with High Motion at the hotel.

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