Kiss Silky Thin Condom- thin but totally reliable

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Wai Lin-  Ha Lin Wai!

Lin Wai-  What are you doing here?

Wail in-  To buy takeaway tea as we aren’t allowed to sit at teashop. Are you here to buy tea too?

Lin Wai- Of course!

Wai Lin- I see. It is great that I run into you. Let’s go back together, I have something to ask you.

Lin Wai- Ok!

(Holding teas in the hands and the two of them go back together)

Wai Lin – I am counting days for post Covid-19.


Lin Wai- The whole world is waiting for it. That’s not strange.


Wai Lin – I don’t care. I just cannot wait to go to hotel with my girlfriend. Let me tell you one thing I have just found out. It is thin condom. As it is thin, it would enhance sensitivity and the feeling would be great. However, my girlfriend isn’t allowed to go out because of Covid-19. That is why I want it to be over.


Lin Wai- Ha ha I see. By the way is the thin condom you find out reliable. What if it breaks?

Wai Lin- I wonder about it too. I think one might have to control the movement a bit. Hee!

Lin Wai- It is having intimacy and it wouldn’t be pleasurable if we have to control our movements. Find the thin but reliable one for intimacy.

Wail in- Thinness is easy to know but how can one know if it is reliable or not?

Lin Wai- Thin condoms made of polyurethane are unreliable and they tend to be torn whereas natural latex condom is reliable.

Wai Lin- Does that natural Latex condom have thin type?

Lin Wai- Of course it has. Kiss Silky Thin is thin and you don’t need to worry about leakage or being torn.

Wai Lin- Wow, incredible! That is the type of condom I am looking for.

Lin Wai- It must be!

Wai Lin- Kiss, what?

Lin Wai-   Kiss Silk Thin!  It is “Silky Thin” so just imagine about its thinness. Moreover, as it is natural latex, you don’t need to worry about breakage or being torn like polyurethane condom.

Wai Lin- In that case, you mean I can move around as I like.

Lin Wai- Of course. Even though Kiss Silky Thin is thin, you can rely on it and have fun as much as you like. Now I am almost my home. See you later!

Wai Linn- Thanks Lin Wai! Me, Wai Lin will have intimacy with my loved one wearing Kiss Silky Thin. Bye friend!

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