Is White Discharge dangerous

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White discharge is a common problem in women. White discharge can be a normal process of the body but on the other hand it can also be indicator of infections too. Vagina acts as a passage way between reproductive organs inside body and outside body. As vagina can be an entrance for infections and virus, it discharges Vaginal Discharge to clean itself and to protect the vagina.

Vaginal discharge is normal bodily function. Vagina prepare itself that its PH level is around PH.5. By doing so, it can prevent bacteria and viruses entering from outside as they hate acidic PH level. If there are any changes in PH level, the growth and entering of infections could cause abnormal white discharge.

Causes of PH level changes include menstrual cycle, stress, nutrition, pregnancy and some medicine. White discharge is normal for most women and it is perfectly normal to have white discharge during pregnancy.

Also it is normal to have moist vagina or clear and watery discharge in the middle of menstrual cycle. However, you need to have a think if the discharge is abnormal, colored and accompanied by itching, painful and bad odor. Even if there is abnormal discharge accompanied with itchiness, inflammations, and uneasiness which will not harm your health severely.

Some white discharge can be due to sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Sometimes those infections could get into ovary, uterus and fallopian tube. It is rare but women with cervical cancer have brown or blood discharge. That kind of discharge is an indicator of danger and ladies should see the doctor and get treatment.

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