Is it safe to be on birth control while breastfeeding?

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We’d recommend looking into the IUD, the implant, or the shot for birth control. All three of these methods are low-maintenance, effective, safe for new moms, and totally fine to use while breastfeeding. There are also special formulated birth control pills that are safe for breastfeeding mothers.
Please make sure to consult a healthcare provider before starting birth control. Taking oral contraceptive pills that contain estrogen is not recommended for nursing mothers because it is known to greatly reduce a mother’s milk supply. Care providers often prescribe progesterone-only pills to nursing mothers. These have a slightly higher failure rate (because the lower hormone dose makes them more subject to user error), however they are considered compatible with lactation because progesterone does not seem to interfere with milk supply to the extent of estrogen.
Check with your healthcare provider for a method that works for you.

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