Is Calendar Method effective?

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It is important that they don’t get unwanted pregnancy. Before there are
modernized contraceptive methods, there is natural ways to prevent pregnancy. Among them,
Calendar method is popular. Then is that method really effective? What happen if you get
pregnant while you are using this method? Let Thiloyarmay tells you things you need to know
concerning natural contraceptive method calendar method.
What is Calendar method?
This method works by tracking menstrual cycle (the length between cycles) and avoid having
intimacy in fertile days. However, before using this method, it is important that you track down
your menstrual cycle at least six months before using this method. Only then this method will be
effective when applied.
How to calculate fertile days?
The way to calculate is that mark the first day of your last period on the calendar. Then mark the
first day of your current period. Then count days between two marks. Subtract 18 from the total
numbers of days in that cycle. Count that number from day 1 of current cycle and that day is
your first fertile day.
(For example-If your first day of period in last month was 11 and the first day of your current
period is 11, the menstrual cycle is 28 days long. Subtract 18 from 28 and you will get 10. Then
count 10 days starting from your first day of period 11. In that way, Lydia ladies can guess that
your first fertile day will be 20. Hence, if Lydia ladies want to have intimacy after 20, Lydia ladies
need to use barrier like condom for intimacy.)
Above method is based on the woman with 28 days menstrual cycle.
With this method, it can prevent pregnancy from 76% to 88%. It means 12 to 24 women out of
100 have the possibility for pregnancy.
Advantages and disadvantages
The good thing is that there will be no charges like other modernized contraceptive methods
and there is no problem like getting on with hormone or not.
Disadvantage is that there can be changes in women’s menstrual cycle due to their health
situation, stress and internal hormone changes. Hence, chances for pregnancy will be increased
in that kind of circumstances.
Who shouldn’t use Calendar Method?

– Women whose cycles are not always the same length
– Couples who don’t wish to use barrier in fertile days
– Women who have abnormal vaginal charge as they have contracted sexually transmitted
– Women are not used to tracking menstrual cycles at least 4 to 6 months

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