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Still, there might be people who claim that being in relationship is better than FA or saying being a FA has a peaceful life. Hence, this time Thiloyarmay will present bitter truth about the life of FA and RS.

  • Freedom

It is not wrong to say that the word Freedom will be the out of dictionary for RS people. Sometimes, people in RS has to report their loved one before going somewhere with friends or mind the way they conduct with other people for the sake of their loved one so as not to make him/her jealous. If not, they will be in big trouble and stressed out. In this circumstance, FA are free to go everywhere they want or eat whatever they want and there is no one to trouble them.

So those who love freedom; FA-1, RS -0

  • Mental security (Happiness)

It is natural to have “rise and fall moments” in life. In this circumstance, those who have someone else to share with their feelings (good and bad) RS are better than FA. When you meet with obstacles you don’t wish to let your family, you can open up your feeling to your loved one. By doing so, you two can solve the problem together and support each other.

In this case, FA has no one else to have a heart to heart talk and they have to solve the problem alone. (In this matter, we are just taking about the difference between RS & FA so families and friends are not counted for).

So in mental security- RS-1, FA-0

  • Finance

When you are in relationship, you need to give gifts to your loved one on special occasions like Birthday, Anniversaries and Valentines’ Day. Moreover, there should be surprise gifts and your expenditure will be increased. So in this circumstance, the expenditure of RS will be so much higher than FA people who just have to spend for themselves only.

Hence, in finance- FA-1, RS-0

  • Loneliness

Mostly RS will be less lonely than FA. They will speak to each other for hours on phone. They will spend time together on holidays and have dinner date etc. As there will be so many activities going on in RS life, there will be no time for boredom or pass a holiday without doing anything.

For FA, as they don’t have partner, they have to spend most of their time alone. Seeing their friends with partners and not having a partner of their own might depress them sometimes.

Hence, in loneliness FA-0 and RS-1

Above mentioned 4 factors are based on the situations common in RS and FA life. As nothing is perfect in life, we cannot have fixed expectation. The most important thing in life to handle your life the best you can whether you are in single life or taken life.

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