How to support your loved one when he/she has Covid-19?

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. Moreover, there is also danger of catching Covid-19 to yourself or your loved one.

One cannot say your life is at high risk when you have Covid-19 but still it is a virus which cannot take slightly. The person who has Covid-19 should be mentally strong as there wouldn’t be anyone around him/her. Hence, this time Thiloyarmay would like to tell our readers how to support your loved one when he/she has Covid-19 from far.

(1) Stay Supportive

Anyone would feel down more or less as soon as they learn they have Covid-19. Hence, when you learn that your loved one is in the list of the people with Covid-19, first encourage him/her the best you could so as to stop her from feeling depressed. If the loved one is worried about it and feeling sad, raise him/her spirits.

(2) Keep in touch (Be at Beck and call)

Even though you couldn’t be right beside him/her and taking care of him/her, there are many ways to take care of your loved one all the same. You can make a phone call or online Video Call and remind your loved one to eat on time and have enough sleep. As your loved one is staying at Quarantine Center, ask him/her if there is anything he/she needs and keep her company by talking to her etc.

(3) Supply all your loved one needs

Your loved one has Covid-19 and isolated at quarantine center so he/she might be in need of personal accessories/things. Hence, you should provide his/her essential personal items/things and also books to read at rest time and deliver food also.  You could provide all your loved one needs from outside and stay supportive to him/her in that way.

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