How to Share Good Things On Bed

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However, sometimes it won’t turn out as we have expected and we would lose interest to have intimacy. Hence, there are ways you need to know to be as passionate as your first time and to satisfy each other when having sex.

Method (1) Think back about old times

Think about your first intimacy with your loved one. As in your first intimacy, stay close to each other and have a lively conversation. In that way, you will find that your heart starts to beat faster. Now, don’t rush to make love and look directly into the eyes of your loved one. Start having intimacy only when both you and your loved one are burning with desire. In that way, you can have a perfect night you have been dreaming about.

Method (2)- Have eye contact

When you have made the first move, the next step is to have eye contact. Eye contact can increase your desire and it will also support you two to be well connected. Hence, don’t forget to keep eye contact while you two are exchanging kisses.

Method (3) – Caress each other

After being in a relationship for certain period, making love become a mundane thing and start doing it as a routine. Hence, in order to be full of passion, you need to caress each other after having eye contact and exchanging kisses. Caress neck, chest and sexual organs for a certain period to increase the desire.

Method (4) Talk to each other

Instead of staying silent while making love, it is better to whisper intimate talk gently to each other. While doing so, also ask your partner whether he/she likes it or “what are his/her preference” etc.

Method (5)- Try out new positions

As we have said before, when making love in the same situation for long, it could bore you out in the long run. Hence, consult with your partner and try new position for each intimacy. New positions can be found at the following link-

Thiloyarmay wishes both you and your loved one to have a satisfactory intimacy for a long run by trying out above mentioned factors.

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