How to Romance your wife durind covid time

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However, there still is blessing in disguise for married couples and partnered people in intimate relationship. One could say that this is the time to make the flame more alive.

Hence, let Thiloyarmay tell our married bros and bros in an intimate relationship how to romance your wife/partner during Stay At Home period.

  • Say romantic words

It is true that you’ve got this far with your romantic words and she has fallen for you but most of the people become less romantic in their marital life.  Hence, bros you should cherish her with sweet words every morning during this Stay At Home period. In this time of period, women might be stressed about making ends meet so make sure to cheer her up with sweet words and encourage her as well.

  • Caress her

All women want to be caressed and cherished by their partners whether they are married or single.  Even if they don’t speak it out, they would want it for sure at all times. Hence, try to cuddle with her while you have time. For example- caress her forehead or hug her while whispering to her ears or cuddle while watching TV. FYI, you can also make your romantic move on the bed too.

  • Romantic in practical way

Nowadays women are keeping abreast with men but still when it comes to doing house chores and taking care of children, men do less than women. In the Stay At Home period like this, a career woman would be busy doing house chores and working at the same time. Hence, men should give her a hand in cooking, house cleaning and babysitting. Only then, she will be less tired and she will count on you more.

Above mentioned factors are 3 ways to romance your wife during Stay At Home period. Thiloyarmay wish our guys to win your wife’s heart forever by using above mentioned tips.

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