how to have safe sex during quarantine

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However, when you look at it from positive point of view, you will see that during this period people can spend more time with their loved time and face all challenges together. Moreover, since you cannot go around as you wish, there will be many benefits like less expenditure and save more energy.

For married couples and people in living together relationship, they will have more intimacies than before as they are spending more time together. Now let Thiloyarmay tell you 3 important factors which aren’t important in ordinary times but important in this time of circumstance.

  • Be careful of physical contact

First of all, corona virus isn’t sexually transmitted infections but it can be passed through physical contact. Therefore, we would like you to keep that factor on your mind if you are thinking of making love to your loved one. Let’s say your loved one comes back from faraway place and he/she doesn’t have any symptoms. So you two rushes to have intimacy as you have missed each other deeply. In this case, you cannot take for granted that you aren’t infected. You might hate to hear it again and again but one can know if the person who got back from outside the country is infected or not only after that person is quarantined for 14 days. When that person doesn’t have any symptoms after 14 days quarantine, one can say that person is safe. If not, there is a risk of being infected from making love.

  • Personal hygiene is important

I think everyone knows that the best way to stop the corona virus infection is washing hands. Hence, loved birds who want to well use of stay at home by making love should pay attention to personal hygiene. Take a shower first before having intimacy and take care of personal hygiene after it too. Moreover, couples who use sex toys should disinfect them before and after using them.

  • Preventing unwanted pregnancy is also important

During Social Distancing period, couples and love birds are likely to have more intimacies as they are together most of the time. Hence, in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy from frequent sex, it is important one of the partners (male/female) uses contraceptive methods that suits with them.

Thiloyarmay well tell our readers more about contraceptive methods in detail at our next post so as to prevent unwanted pregnancy during Quarantine period and would like to request our readers to stay tuned.

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