How to have great sex as disabled person

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However, for a disabled person, sexual satisfaction in mentally and physically isn’t as simple as ordinary people.

Then, what disable person can do to have sexual satisfaction? Thiloyarmay will tell our readers ways to have great sex in physically and mentally.

  • Disability isn’t invalidity

Some disable person feel insecure in whatever they do because of their disability. That insecurity has an effect on their sexual life also and there are also myths like disable person cannot have great sex like ordinary people and they would be unable to satisfy sexual needs of their partner. Hence, your physical disability isn’t invalidity and you are able to sexually satisfy your partner and to have great sex for yourself.

  • Discuss with your partner

If you are uncomfortable during sex, frankly speaking, if sexual positions you are having don’t work with you, don’t forget to talk about it with your partner. It might take time to solve sexual problem you two are facing but having heart to heart to chat with your partner could help you two in building up a sexual life with an understanding.

  • Don’t forget about sex toys

Actually having great sex doesn’t have to do with having partner only and even if you don’t have partner for the time being, you can fulfill your sexual desire on your own. You might already know about masturbation but there are also sex toys which are produced especially for disabled people. Hence, when you have the desire, don’t forget to use sex toys that are suitable with you.

  • Lean about Sex Furniture

Sex Furniture is a form of furniture that can act as an aid to sexual activity for ordinary and disabled people. Among sex furniture there are many types of furniture for disabled people to choose like-reclining Sofa, intimate rider and also there are other types of chair which are designed to support body parts and aid sexual activity. Hence, have a talk with your partner and use sex furniture for a change.

Above mentioned (4) factors are ways to be physically and mentally prepared to have great sex for the people with disability.  As you also are a human being, you too deserve the best as others and forget about your disability.

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