How to forget old flame

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Are you
still getting the smell of your old flame when you breathe in or still thinking about his/her
caress to you? If you feel so, just know it is natural. You two have fallen in love before
but now you have to try your best to have fun after his/her leave. Hence, we would like
to share our readers about ways that would help you guys in getting over your old
(1) Don’t keep in touch
Mourning for the past is fine for a certain period but after that period, stop thinking about
it. Made up your mind and try to forget everything about your flame. Delete his/her
name from Contact list in your phone and also delete your old flame from Messenger
and Viber Chat list. It would be best to block or unfriend your old flame from Social
Media like Facebook.
(2) Get peace with past
Believe that whatever happened in the past is literally over. Disappointing about the
past wouldn’t bring back your old flame. Hence, forget about what has happened and
just think about the whole affair from positive point of view. You will find that in that way
your burden will be lifted and will feel a lot better.
(3) Try do things that would be useful for you in your future journey
Even though, you have gotten over your old flame, if there isn’t anything to draw your
attention, your thoughts will be lost in the past for sure. Hence, read more when you
have broken up with your flame as you will have more time for yourself. Watch movies
and attend classes (eg; Online classes). Even if you don’t attend classes, try to learn
something. Giving some work for your brain is the good way to get over old flame.
(4) Find new one
You are not the one who would waste your time on thinking about old times and got
disappointed. You have creativity and natural talent. It is of no use by being
disappointed. Make best use of your abilities and show the world what you have got.
Trust us, plenty of chicks will come to your side along with your coming successes.

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