How to dispose of a used condom

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I bet there isn’t anyone who hasn’t seen such a scene. I don’t know about you guys but my stomach churns from seeing those used condoms discarded carelessly beside the road, near bushes and also at trash piles.

There is more! One of my friends is married with a kid. He discarded his used condom carelessly. His son found it, pick it up and asked them what it was. Only then, they were dumbfounded. Small accidental things like that can lead to big issues. So one need to take this matter into consideration. What I mean is that if you dispose used condoms carelessly, there will be impacts from the view of social and health.

Hence, let me (Kyaw Gyi) tell you guys best ways to dispose used condoms based on my very own experiences.

(1) Guess we all had blown up a balloon when we were young. After blowing up to the level we liked, we would tie the base of it so as to stop air coming out. Likewise, you need to tie the base of condom in a knot after removing it so as to stop semen and smells coming out. That is the first thing to do.

(2) Second things is that wrap that knotted condom using thick tissue or newspaper or paper bag and then dispose it in the trash can.  Here, I wouldn’t recommend you guys to use plastic bag in disposing condom. It is because plastic bag cause environmental pollution and it can also block the ditch. However, using plastic bag in disposing used condom is still far better than discarding without cover. The last things to suggest you is to keep paper or tissue handy to dispose used condom as you are smart enough to use condom for intimacy.

Why it is important to dispose used condom properly?

When you guys dispose used condoms carelessly that will cause environmental pollution. Moreover, people who happen to be in contact with discarded used condom are at high risk of getting infected with sexually transmitted infections and other infections. That is why it is important to dispose used condom properly bros.

Any other cautions!

Of course there are! Skillful bros who have intimacy in car shouldn’t throw out used condoms from window as soon as you finished using it. That is irresponsible. As I have mentioned above, wrap it with something and then throw it into trash bin.

Another thing is that throwing it into toilet. It mostly happens in hotels. Whether it is traditional style toilet or western style toilet, one shouldn’t throw condom into it. It can block the pipe and cause a big mess. You should be cautious about these two factors.

Those are the suggestions I (Kyaw Gyi) would like to share with my friends as an experienced man in regard of disposing condom. I do hope you guys would follow my suggestions. If there is anything you want to ask, come to Thilyarmay’s Chatbox and I (Kyaw Gyi) will be there for you.

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