How not to be a single

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Hence, it can be said that there are more FA young people than young people in Relationship.

No matter what the static stay, it is likely that most of the people become FA not because of their choice but just because of the situations. However, don’t worry when there is a will, there always is a way. Now Thiloyarmay will tell our readers five common types of FA and read it to know which type you belong to.

  • Man who cannot find Right Woman

Here, Right woman doesn’t mean woman from higher level. It just means the type of woman who meets with your personalities and values in life. For instance, if you are a practical man and then you fall for a romantic woman. In that case, that woman cannot be Right woman for you. Love is blind and you might keep on loving her no matter what. However, when it comes to love, you cannot always be sure that your love will be returned. Hence, passionate lovers should know that women are more attracted to men who are of the same type like them.

  • Man who is afraid of the change

As we have mentioned above, it is for the man falling for the woman who doesn’t match with him well. As a passionate lover, he would keep on loving her no matter what and wouldn’t see anyone else. Even though love comes from the heart, sometimes it is also essential to let the brain play a part. As life is short, instead of investing all your love and kindness on the person who doesn’t match with you, search for the person who would love you back.

  • Dubious man

Are you having thoughts like, “Oh, she is so young and the relationship with her would not work well”, or “She is pretty and she might already have boyfriend” etc. If you are having thoughts like that, you will be a FA who is limiting himself. What you have to know that, if you are bashful of falling for a girl younger than you and better looking than you and do nothing, someone else will snatch her away. Hence, reduce over thinking and try to give a shot at least one.

  • Judgmental (negative) man

This is for a man who has judgments on women and takes it for granted. It means he might have a negative thoughts about the woman he is crushing like, “She looks stubborn and it would be hard to deal with her,” or “She is after money” ects. If you are having thoughts like that, it means you are a man with negative thoughts without realizing yourself.  What we mean is you cannot be judgmental about a woman by looking at her appearance and personality. It is because sometimes women can be changed after they fall in love as they are more responsive to love than man. Hence, instead of making a conclusion, first have a talk with the person you love. Spend time together and try to learn her true nature.

  • Chasing woman

The last type of man can be taken as the most pathetic FA type. He desperately wants a girlfriend and he cannot find one. Normally the women they are falling for are taken by others or the woman doesn’t take notice of him at all. Frankly speaking, men think less of women who accept them easily and likewise women think the same for men. Men of that type look cheap to woman’s eye. Hence, men should be formidable to some extend and should take a break from chasing after love. Try to be a better person while you are taking break from love.

Bros now you know five common types of FA and Thiloyarmay wish you could end your single (FA) life soon by correcting your mistakes.

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