How not be a single man

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Are you blaming your luck? Some people choose single life as “Single by Choice” but still there are many people who want to have a partner but not fortunate to have one.

Hence, let Thiloyarmay tell our FA bros how not to be single man.

  • Don’t overthink

Even though you are having a crush on a girl but comply yourself with so many ifs like “a person like her might already have boyfriend” or “she wouldn’t fall for someone like me” or “it would be embarrassing if she refuse my love” then you have a drama king without knowing yourself. So as to end your singe life, first stop thinking that way. Even if it turns out as you have imagined, it is still worth to give it a try.

  • Ask yourself

Fist asks yourself the kind of person you want to date! If our bros want to date with supportive girls, you yourself need to be a supportive person on the first place. The point is that as birds of a feather flock together, if you are aiming for a girl on a higher status then at least you should be a guy who is trying to get high even when you aren’t on the same ground with her.

  • Take care of your appearance

You might have heard about “Love at first sight”. Ever heard about other brother mentioning what he likes most about his girl- for instance smiles with dimple! Likewise, in order to receive the love from your crush, your appearance plays a role too. You don’t need to have a striking look like an actor but you still need to be manly and pay attention to personal hygiene. Hence, you need to groom yourself well for your date.

  • Be patience

Sometime people become single because they are not happy with what they have. What we mean is that the person he loves doesn’t return his love or she might return his love but break up frequently due to having disagreements. Generally those are reasons behind FA. Still, no matter how you have a hard time in your past, don’t be afraid to love. Be patient and don’t be down as you will definitely find your better half one day.

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