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In this world, there are millions of people but there is an occasion where you and your loved one would accidentally look into each other’s eyes, fall in love, spend a certain amount of time together and then move to next step of having intimacy. There isn’t any strange thing about it, right buddy!

They are going to hotel and we are going to hotel and it is important not to be sued with “seduction”. Speaking of it, the word seduction has been presented since the days of Myanmar kings. To be exact, “Manukyel Dhamatat (name of law book in the days of Myanmar kings) section 6, no.28 says men who force (abuse) a lady into engaging a sexual behavior without her consent at secluded place should pay 100 Kyat as a fine.” Since then there are laws relating to that matter and present days it is article 417 in existing legal codes. In this case, how to try not to be filed a lawsuit with seduction.

The main thing is to share love. It is important not to forget about the law in regard of sexual abuse which had existed since the days of Myanmar Kings. When two lovers have intimacy, give priority and respect to the lady. We would like to encourage you to get the consent with due respect. Are you having an intimate relationship with a person chosen as life partner? Is it just an affair to fulfill sexual desire? Moreover, you also need to know what your partner thinks of you. As it is a kind of relationship based on love, one needs to pay attention to getting consent of one’s partner.

Another important matter is to learn about the situation. Spend some time and you guys will know whether she is falling for love or for money. If you think her desire is just to get advantage of you then just avoid.

The last thing we want talk about is that if you have consent from your loved one then “Carry on, man”. Whereas if she is just to take advantage of you then don’t be hesitant, it is best to push her out of your away. As you know, there will be more for you in the future. OK!

May our guys be able to avoid gold diggers and find ladies who genuinely love you!

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